The Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection acquired its 7th painting, INHA, for its permanent collection. 

Purchased: December 2021; exhibited: February-July 2022

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The Phillips Collection

Panel Discussion at the Phillips Collection

7 paintings with work created from the 1970’s to the present in the permanent collection were on view in a unit installation from February–July 2022


ELEMENTAL: A Decade of Painting by Tobi Kahn

PAC MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art Long Island
November 19, 2022 - January 29, 2023

My paintings are based on photographs I’ve taken, distilling or refining images to get to an irreducible core, a form that is singular, yet capable of evoking myriad, even infinite others. The paintings in this body of work reflect my awareness that nature is very fragile and that we are responsible for its protection.

Catalogue accompanies the exhibition with an essay by Kathryn Barush.

PDF statement by Tobi Kahn

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OHRA permanent installation installed 2022

The University of Houston, TX
This 7-panel Sky & Water painting installation was commissioned by the Jane Blaffer Owen and the Blaffer Trust in 2002. Designed in close collaboration and conversation, the installation merged Blaffer Owen’s hopes for a better world for all humanity as well as Kahn’s understanding of art as a conduit for healing and understanding.

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ZAHRYZ, a ceremonial object


The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angles and the Jewish Museum in New York each acquired ZAHRYZ, a new ceremonial object, 1st and 2nd in an edition of 7. Both institutions have several pieces in their permanent collections. This tzedek box, ZAHRYZ, is meant to empower us to record and remember each time over the course of a year that we contribute to the world’s healing. I have been inspired by the emerging Jewish ritual of a tzedek box, to which we add notes that capture our thoughts each time we do a righteous deed. Once a year, on Pesach Sheini (yom ha-tzedek), we open the box and reflect the extent to which we have brought more light to our communities – and how we might do more.

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MoCRA, Museum of Contemporary Religious Art

St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO, 2002
Installation in memory of the artist Juan Gonzalez consisting of 10 paintings on wood and one bronze sculpture


Mishkan HaSeder: A Passover Haggadah

Tobi Kahn images commissioned by CCAR for their new Haggadah 2021. Mishkan HaSeder: A Passover Haggadah is available at

Article in FORBES


Sukkah panels


Interior of Sukkah

IMKHA, a Sukkah Meditative Space

IMKHA, a Sukkah Meditative Space at the Marlene Myerson JCC of Manhattan. Installed 2021.

The design of this sukkah juxtaposes elements of different scale, with the shape and shadow modifying each other to form an eloquent assembly. This Sukkah, IMKHA, is an installation consisting of 13 interrelated sculpted painted wooden panels, constituting a single work of art. When not being used as a Sukkah, the panels will be installed as a meditative space

Creating a Sukkah as a meditative space.pdf

Short description of Sukkah IMKHA.pdf


Gathering of Five, Bronze Sculpture Installation

Installation on East Falls Campus ofThomas Jefferson University 2020



3-panel painting, acrylic on canvas over wood. Ronson Health and Applied Science Center of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, Installed 2020

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